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Class Locations/Dates
Federal Executive Board partners

Alamo F.E.B.
(San Antonio, TX)

Dates TBD
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Tel: (210) 565-1861

Atlanta F.E.B.
Dates TBD
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Tel: (404) 331-4270

Baltimore F.E.B.
Dates TBD
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Tel: (410) 962-4047

Buffalo F.E.B.
Dates TBD
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Info: (716) 551-5655
Registrar Tel: (925) 930-8813

Chicago F.E.B.
Dates TBD
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Tel: (312) 353-1703

Cincinnati F.E.B.
Dates TBD
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Tel: (513) 684-2102

Dallas-Fort Worth F.E.B.
May 1 - 2 (Wed./Th.), 2019
October 29 - 30 (Tues./Wed.), 2019

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Tel: (214) 767-5373

Detroit F.E.B.
Dates TBD
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Tel: (313) 226-3534

Honolulu-Pacific F.E.B.
March 5 - 6 (Tu./Wed.), 2019
July 8 - 10 (Mon./Wed.), 2019

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F.E.B. Tel: (808) 541-2637
Registrar Tel: (925) 930-8813

Houston F.E.B.
Dates TBD
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Tel: (713) 724-9210

Kansas City F.E.B.
May 6 - 8, (Mon./Wed.), 2019
Sept. 9 - 10 (Mon./Tu.), 2019

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Tel: (816) 823-5100

Los Angeles F.E.B.
Dates TBD
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Tel: (562) 951-6970

Minnesota F.E.B.
Dates TBD
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Tel: (612) 713-7200

New Mexico F.E.B.
Dates TBD
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Tel: (505) 264-7499

New York F.E.B.
Future Dates TBD
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Registrar Tel: (925) 930-8813

Oregon F.E.B.
Dates TBD
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Tel: (503) 326-2060

Philadelphia F.E.B.
Dates TBD
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F.E.B. Tel: (215) 861-3665
Registrar Tel: (925) 930-8813

Pittsburgh F.E.B.
June 12 - 13 (Wed./Thurs.), 2019
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Tel: (412) 395-6223

SF Bay Area F.E.B.
March 26 - 27 (Tues./Wed.), 2019
June 4 - 5 (Tues./Wed.), 2019

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Registrar Tel: (925) 930-8813

Seattle F.E.B.
Dates TBD
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Tel: (206) 220-6171

South Florida F.E.B.
Dates TBD
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Tel: (954) 792-1109

St. Louis F.E.B.
May 13 - 14 (Mon./Tues.), 2019
Sept. 11 - 12 (Wed./Th.), 2019

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F.E.B. Tel: (314) 539-6312
Registrar Tel: (925) 930-8813

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Jerry Strom presents the Symmetry Series — dynamic, high-energy training programs — grooming leaders to make an impact, and produce results in government service. Based on OPM ECQs and our belief in a healthy combination of individual competency and personal character, these Symmetrical Leadership Programs help leaders get the results they desire. Inquire about training offered directly to your agency, retreat, conference or special event. (925) 930-8813.   Email

A. 'Six Core Competencies of Leadership' — 2-Day or 3-Day Training Series

This series has made a dramatic impact on the Strategic Management of Human Capital — addressing the core competencies necessary for effective leadership — deploying a skilled workforce, increasing employee satisfaction, and improving service to the public. Course content addresses two-thirds of the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) identified by OPM as leadership skills necessary to reach executive potential. Thousands of federal employees, civilian and military, have participated in this exceptional developmental program. Curriculum Information: Email Link:. (925) 930-8813

B. 'Think and Act Like a Leader' — 2-Day Leadership Course

This dynamic, two-day learning experience explores the essential thinking skills that help leaders achieve the mission of their agency — blending a strategic view, with an innovative, adaptive mindset. The second-day looks at effective behaviors and relational skills that enable constructive interaction with others, and foster an action agenda. Research from the government sector augments the course, providing an better understanding of leading public employees, and growing skill-sets recommended by OPM. Curriculum Email Link: for information. (925) 930-8813

C. 'The Leadership Environment' — 2-Day Leadership Course

Participants in these programs learn how to create a more productive environment; how to choose and use the most effective talent management strategy, and how to positively inspire, motivate and engage their employees in a team environment. The 2-day course includes training to help management create a climate of trust, adjust their leadership styles appropriate to the employee and situation, and create a culture that represents a capable workforce and customer focus. Curriculum Information: Email Link:. (925) 930-8813

D. 'Leading for Achievement' — 2-Day Leadership Program

This training program helps leaders get the results they want by improving communication and relationships at work. Addressing how the leader presents himself / herself, the course enables greater buy-in toward them, and to the organization’s agenda and goals. It shows how seven essential laws of attraction are used by successful leaders to guide their interactions with their team members. Leaders who embrace achievement in themselves, and in those around them, enjoy success and do the best. Curriculum Information: Email Link:. (925) 930-8813

E. 'What Works for Supervisors' — 1-Day, 2-Day, or 4-Day Leadership Course

This training class helps supervisors set a course for success — enabling them to lead people effectively to produce the work their organization depends upon. They'll learn how to harness the human capital at their disposal, navigate through rough patches — conflict and disagreement, evaluate and elevate performance, and employ fundamental leadership tools which produce results. Curriculum Information: Email Link:. (925) 930-8813

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  Federal Employees Talk About Their Experience:
Alvin Cunningham
Branch Chief, Intelligence
US Coast Guard

"The group discussions we helpful in identifying issues of common concern."

"I've become more self aware — recognizing how my actions affect others, and encouraging me to develop them to reach their full potential."

Christine Pritchett
Stakeholder Manager
Transportation Security Admin.

"I feel better about my capabilities and my future as a leader. I don’t feel as much pressure. This series has taught me that being a good leader does not mean that you have to have all the answers or solutions. I have also learned how important it is to communicate effectively."

"How you appeal to your workforce and get them to ‘buy-in’ is a huge part of it."

Dominic Passanisi
Budget Officer, Stanford Site Office
U.S. Dept. of Energy

"Prior to this class, my reading and exposure to leadership was scattered and unfocused. This course has channeled my focus into specific areas and developmental topics so that I now have a leadership skills 'roadmap' to pursue."

Geraldine Watson
Director, Management Service Center,

"One of the points that really stood out for me was the importance of having a better appreciation of individual value, and the positive impact it brings to the organization."

"I really liked the format of these classes — spreading them out over these several months. I felt it was well worth the time and effort to attend."

Thomas Maruyama
Crisis Manager,

"I've learned how to be a better listener, to actively participate, and take off on others' points-of-view. I've grown as a leader by having a better understanding of the fundamentals."

"I've been in management for 20+ years and this was one of the best classes yet!"

Brian Sweeney
Deputy Regional Attorney,
Nat. Labor Relations Bureau

"The concept of managing for development versus simply managing performance really stood out. I'm more significantly recognizing the value of my team, and the contributions they make."

"My confidence has increased as information is power, and this course has provided wonderful, useful information regarding leadership development."

Patricia Hubler
Public Affairs Specialist

"Communication with other leaders helps develop all of the core competencies."

"I've been able to address and deal with current challenges in the workplace. The series provided the inspiration to continue to push forward."

Mireille Hanft
Module Manager

"All of the core competency topics improved my ability to become an effective leader. This has immeasurably improved my confidence, as I'm able to apply some of the ideas."

"I most appreciated the diverse agencies participating in the group discussions, and their openness regarding the topics."

John Fitzgerald
Nat. Archives & Records Admin.

"I learned that leadership is an 'ever-evolving process' — no one becomes a leader and 'that's it.' A good leader knows his people: their skills, strengths, weaknesses, and personal traits."

"The knowledge I gained from the group discussions helped me at my agency."

Ferdinand Ralleta
"Most of the time you think you’re doing something well, but this course has helped me understand I needed to do more. I’m more confident because of the sessions/discussions in groups and learning from all the attendees."

"I’m practicing what I’ve learned and getting good results. I’ve learned to praise others more – a little “thank you” goes a long way."

Ferdinand Ralleta
Program Manager
Department of Treasury

Margaret Tong
"I'm more open and ‘feeling’ now. I try to understand the employees’ perspectives and realize that every person is different. I learned we need to invest in others, to listen and to act upon things. With personal growth, we can share new ideas and foster creativity and improvements. Ethics and honesty are essential."

"I greatly enjoyed this workshop and its length of time. Above all, Mr. Jerry Strom’s training methods — he's truly an outstanding teacher."

Margaret Tong
CAS Branch Manager,
Dept. of Treasury, FMS

Janie McDaniel
"It has reinforced my confidence level. I’m finding the time to invest in me (reading leadership book, going to leadership classes and doing more reflecting)."

"I wrote a vision statement in the class that I will continue pursuing."

Janie McDaniel
District Manager,
Social Security Administration

Sindi Cheng-Nishimura
"This course helped build my confidence, concentrate on growing my self, and open-up somewhat, since I'm more of a listener."

"I appreciated the stories and analogies, and the group sessions stretched me to become more vocal."

Sindi Cheng-Nishimura
IT Specialist,

Angela Curington
"This series has been great for me. It answered so many of my questions of what is required from me first."

"I'm more open to the idea of leadership as an invitation to help develop individuals ... I feel more empowered to lead others."

Angela Curington
US Dept. of Human and Health Services

W. Otis Halfmoon
"This class significantly impacted me — helping me to recognize that 'roadblocks' can be overcome, and negatives can be turned into positives. The power of 'vision' is to take the time to dream, and to make the dream into reality."

"The diversity of the class allowed me to learn and communicate with all types of individuals — taking their experiences and words to the 'real world.' I also discovered that I'm not alone. We share many points of view."

"I'm confident that there's much 'good leadership' in our future leaders."

W. Otis Halfmoon
International/Tribal Affair Officer
National Park Service

Stanley Joe
"Leadership is a skill that is applying what you already possess to influence others in a positive way. Being a leader doesn’t mean you have to be perfect or please everyone. Rather you learn from your ‘errors’ and use the experiences to build your confidence. This seminar taught me how to hone those skills."

"Leadership takes on many forms; be it family, small groups, work groups or large diverse groups. You can apply these skills wherever. Everyone is a leader in some capacity."

"It’s made me reflect on the whole notion of leadership. I’ve changed my attitude about learning in general."

Stanley Joe

Peggy Phillips

"This training had a big impact on me. I didn’t expect to learn as much, enjoy it as much, and find it applicable to my personal life as well."

"It’s made me more confident when trying new things and in not just maintaining the status quo. It’s given me some specific tools and skills and the time to reflect on what I’ve done before. My perception has been clarified. Leadership is such a big step away from management and can affect my staff so dramatically if it is good (or bad)."

Brian Bellew
Asst. Field Manager,
Bureau of Land Management

"This series has given me a better perspective as a leader — every session was a 'recharge' and provided a thoughtful reflective approach to leading effectively in the workplace today."

"It also gave me a good basis on which to evaluate my own behaviors, and examined practical ways to successfully develop my influence with others."

Doug Jasper
IDRS Security Manager,
Internal Revenue Service

"This helped me see that I have the competencies for leadership ... although improvement is constantly necessary. I need to pursue being an encourager and supporter of others on a daily basis, because they'll respond to my investment in them."

"I really appreciated the friendships created with other class participants during these last several months."

Erin Butler, LCSW
Social Work Supervisor,
VA Medical Center

"I actually have a more specific view of leadership now — there are a few great leaders. However, we all have the potential to be better (and human!)."

"Having the training over time sustains the ongoing impact it has, and will continue to have. Instead of ‘Aha!,’ it is a subtle slow awareness and change which creates a foundation for more growth. It supports my own initiative to grow."

James Jones, Jr., Commanding Officer,
Pacific Area Training Team,
U.S. Coast Guard

"This program reinforced and solidified my leadership beliefs — and is aligned with principles that I have taught throughout my career. Personal growth is the best way that I can help others."

"My self-awareness grew, and the discussions led to great opinion-sharing."

Nancy Jones
Management Support Specialist,
Social Security Admnistration

"I have always been pretty confident, but I had never really thought about how I am perceived by other people. It has taught me how to be a better listener and communicator. Leadership is like the go between management and employees … being able to see and address both sides."

"I most appreciated getting to get in groups and listening to others, getting their ideas and suggestions of how to do things better. I hope I take things learned and apply them to all aspects of my life. We spend so much time at work, you really need to have everything aligned to go smoothly from work to home."

Gloria Reyes
Aviation Security Inspector,

"The series allowed me to experience other students’ beliefs and understanding of diversity since this subject seemed to be the most sensitive to address."

"It has opened up more ideas and understanding in the roles leadership must play in the eyes of the leader, follower, and upper management. Nobody wants to be led by someone who doesn’t know how to lead or know what direction to take."

Tom Casha

"This series has taught me the importance of character. I believe that ‘Character’ encompasses so many attributes that people look up to, that it becomes the glue that makes a leader."

"It's also given me an awareness and ability to recognize when to use different leadership styles."

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