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Jerry Strom presents a series of dynamic, high-impact training programs — grooming employees to be effective government leaders. Based on OPM ECQs, these programs help leaders, managers, supervisors, and key employees get results. Inquire about training offered directly to your agency, retreat, conference or special event.

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LIVE WEBINARS are open to any Federal Employee. Request information about upcoming FY22 courses. Additional classes are scheduled but may not be listed as of yet.
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May 9 - 10, 2022
Six Core Competencies of Leadership
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July 18 - 20, 2022
Lead-in to Leadership     (3-Day Class)
— Hawaii / Pacific Rim Time Zones —
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September 12 - 13, 2022
Leading for Achievement     (2-Day Class)
— Eastern, Central, and Pacific Time Zones —
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A. 'Six Core Competencies of Leadership' — 2-Day or 3-Day Training Series

This series has made a dramatic impact on the Strategic Management of Human Capital — addressing the core competencies necessary for effective leadership — deploying a skilled workforce, increasing employee satisfaction, and improving service to the public. Course content addresses two-thirds of the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) identified by OPM as leadership skills necessary to reach executive potential. Thousands of federal employees, civilian and military, have participated in this exceptional developmental program. Curriculum Information: Email Link:. Phone: (925) 930-8813

B. 'Think and Act Like a Leader' — 2-Day Leadership Course

This dynamic, two-day learning experience explores the essential thinking skills that help leaders achieve the mission of their agency — blending a strategic view, with an innovative, adaptive mindset. The second-day looks at effective behaviors and relational skills that enable constructive interaction with others, and foster an action agenda. Research from the government sector augments the course, providing an better understanding of leading public employees, and growing skill-sets recommended by OPM. Curriculum Information: Email Link:. Phone: (925) 930-8813

C. 'The Leadership Environment' — 2-Day Leadership Course

Participants in these programs learn how to create a more productive environment; how to choose and use the most effective talent management strategy, and how to positively inspire, motivate and engage their employees in a team environment. The 2-day course includes training to help management create a climate of trust, adjust their leadership styles appropriate to the employee and situation, and create a culture that represents a capable workforce and customer focus. Curriculum Information: Email Link:. Phone: (925) 930-8813

D. 'Leading for Achievement' — 2-Day Leadership Program

This training program helps leaders get the results they want by improving communication and relationships at work. Addressing how the leader presents himself / herself, the course enables greater buy-in toward them, and to the organization’s agenda and goals. It shows how seven essential laws of attraction are used by successful leaders to guide their interactions with their team members. Leaders who embrace achievement in themselves, and in those around them, enjoy success and do the best. Curriculum Information: Email Link:. Phone: (925) 930-8813

E. 'Lead-In to Leadership' — 3-Day Leadership Program

This leadership training program is a robust, three-day developmental experience that teaches the essentials of successful leadership – preparing you to make a bigger contribution at work, advance your career, and move toward higher levels of responsibility and personal effectiveness. Eight important sessions offer sensible solutions to working with others, getting results, and putting these skills into practice. Information: Email Link:. Phone: (925) 930-8813

F. 'What Works for Supervisors' — 1-Day, 2-Day, or 4-Day Leadership Course

This training class helps supervisors set a course for success — enabling them to lead people effectively to produce the work their organization depends upon. They'll learn how to harness the human capital at their disposal, navigate through rough patches — conflict and disagreement, evaluate and elevate performance, and employ fundamental leadership tools which produce results. Curriculum Information: Email Link:. Phone: (925) 930-8813

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We support all of our training programs with an extensive leadership research program, and a powerful purpose. "Over my career, I've had the opportunity to observe, study, research, and reflect on the elements which give people the capacity to make a powerful impact in leadership."

"My efforts today are focused on expanding pathways for the growth and development of people — so they can maximize their individual and collective value they add to their organizations. I'm conscious of the overwhelming need for a more effective and motivated workforce."

"My presentations are built around meaningful metaphors — giving the participants a broader perspective of their professional and personal possibilities — renewing their sense of both work, and life."

"My mission is to promote powerful, effective, and ethical leadership practices, principles and mindsets — founded on a healthy combination of work competency, and personal character. I believe in a balanced, symmetrical approach to developing leaders that creates a trusted foundation for success."

— Jerry Strom, Founder

"We offer you an in-depth developmental effort through our Process."

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