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Our Leading for Achievement training series emphasizes how leaders can better understand information, facts, situations, and people, which leads to improved decision-making and positive business results. This calls their thinking, learning, and mindsets into question. When leaders see more clearly and learn more quickly, they’re more decisive, proactive, and better prepared to select the most appropriate actions to accomplish their tasks, mission and goals. Collaborative efforts stimulate team-building and the growth of new ideas along with the alignment of thoughts and purpose. In the end, leaders who lead the learning can expect both personal and team achievement. Ask a question by email. The curriculum includes:

22. Critical Thinking
Thinking skills differentiate those leaders who consistently make the right calls from those who too often make mistakes and pursue the wrong alternatives. Evaluating problems and people accurately is essential to good leadership, and requires cognitive awareness and elimination of personal predispositions, biases, and logical flaws to reduce errors in judgment. This necessities setting aside old and narrow ways of thinking and replacing them with a broader, more inclusive, holistic pattern of thought. Critical thinking skills promote “how to think, not what to think.”

23. Collaborative Thinking
Results-driven leaders benefit from opening themselves up to the ideas and inputs of others. Leaders who have the right mental attitude create the conditions which break down barriers and establish trust and commitment from their workforce. This collaborative intelligence provides a platform in which to effectively think with others, and is the great multiplier to the quality of thought, and quantity of alternatives that are brought to light. Lateral, divergent, and parallel thinking processes offer improvements in the nature of thought and open up global possibilities.

24. Leader as Lead Learner
Promoting discussion, debate and feedback are the tools leaders use to engage the thinking of their entire team and encourage their involvement in taking ownership, making suggestions, and solving problems. Different perspectives and points-of-view offer a healthy diversity that makes groups smarter and more effective in working together. A robust learning environment evolves when the leader is approachable, has a willingness to listen, and creates a system that fosters continuous improvements, where everyone contributes and learns from one another.

25. An Achievement Mindset
The mindset of a champion calls for robust preparation, commitment, and focus on the task at hand. They have the right mental models and beliefs for leadership. In comparison, many of those with great amounts of natural talent squander their skills. This session encourages leaders to challenge themselves to grow, overcome their obstacles, and be relentless and resilient in their work with others and their pursuit of achievement. Organizational success calls for personal character on every level, and even though it’s not about the leader, it’s up to them.

A D D I T I O N A L   C O U R S E   C U R R I C U L U M S
1 — 6 "Six Core Competencies of Leadership"
7 — 10 "Think and Act Like a Leader"
11 — 14 "The Leadership Environment"
16 — 19 "What Works for Supervisors"
26 — 28 "Leadership: Communication and Relationships"

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