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The Leadership Environment presents a compelling step forward in your development as a leader. This training program is focused on helping you change your organization's culture by addressing motivation, teamwork, and trust. You'll experience an interactive, media-rich, 4-part series, which will change how you lead, and greatly impact your agenda. Learn to affect the overall performance and results of your work environment. Establish a positive direction. Create an environment of high commitment, high energy, high standards, and satisfied employees. Ask a question by email. The curriculum includes:

11. Trust
The value of institutions is directly related to the trust we have in them. The same thing applies to leaders — without trust, they cannot succeed. This session studies the role that "experiences" play in determining how people feel. It examines the essential nature of trusting relationships, and how to orient your behaviors and actions to have a positive effect on the work climate. Learn how to manage perceptions, the value of timing, and the importance of a "trust process" to get people on your side. Study the five most important trustworthy behaviors identified by research.

12. Motivation
Leaders directly impact their employees' energy. This training identifies six typical groups that dominate employee engagement — with research showing a direct relationship between engagement, and bottom-line business results. Since personality is key to applying the right management style, take a Myers-Briggs Assessment to understand the motivational needs of four primary personality types. Learn to select coaching strategies based on intrinsic motivation levels and personal competency. Create an environment where people are engaged, well-directed, responsive, and enthusiastic.

13. Teamwork
The ability to bring his/her team up to speed is a good measurement of a leader's agility, strength, endurance, and technique. Learn to lead high-functioning groups by encouraging a willingness to participate, respectful treatment of one another, and a sense of unity in the cause. See how individual performance doesn't guarantee team performance — but requires "chemistry' and emotional intelligence. Understand the basis of 'Team Charters,' learn to apply the 'Three Pillars of Team Leadership,' and evaluate your group on five levels with the 'Team Assessment Profile.'

14. Culture
Understanding your culture is necessary for you to lead your organization in the right direction — maximizing its potential, reaching its strategic goals and accomplishing its mission. Changing the culture is a process of altering the beliefs, values, and behaviors on which your culture is built. By evaluating and discussing your situation, comparing it to well-known examples, and hearing the stories of others, you'll begin to formulate a plan of action to create the environment that will improve organizational efficiency. Seize the moment and make culture a leadership priority.

A D D I T I O N A L   C O U R S E   C U R R I C U L U M S
1 — 6 "Six Core Competencies of Leadership"
7 — 10 "Think and Act Like a Leader"
16 — 19 "What Works for Supervisors"
26 — 29 "Leading for Achievement"

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