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“Excellent. Good rules of thumb for practical use.”
          — Stephan Ord, Deputy Branch Chief, NASA

“Your contribution to our Houston Conference is greatly appreciated.”
          — William Chiles, Chairman & CEO, HTS Holdings

“On behalf of the National Human Resources Association, thank you very much for your expert presentation.”
          — Linda Bennett, VP Program Planning, National Human Resources Assn. - South Bay

“Our board of directors felt very enriched. There was so much information to take in.”
          — Maria Dempsey, President, NCC Meeting Professionals Intl.

“New leadership insights ... reinforcements of current beliefs ... made me think.”
          — John Lloyd, President, Stronglite

“Anyone can benefit from this professional material!”
          — Christine Szalai, Special Asst. to the Director, NASA

“Presentation was great! It made me take a look at me and my actions in leadership.”
          — Jeff Reaves, President, Group Mackenzie

“Very enlightening!”
          — Bob Overmars, President, BPI Medical

“It's critical to keep one's leadership skills sharp, and you provide the motivation tools.”
          — Suzy Cerra, Tower Travel Management

“Timely and thought provoking.”
          — Chuck Purcell, Controller, Columbia Credit Union

“Great stories to drive home your points.”
          — Travis Laspa, CEO, Pro-Tech Industries, Inc.

“Excellent. Balanced.”
          — Mark Rockwell, CEO, Pacific Santa Fe Corp.

“Whether you manage groups of people, or projects, or just want to improve your leadership skills in your personal life, this message is for you.”
          — Laurie Blackiston, Learning Manager, Morrison & Foerster, LLP

“Just a quick note to thank you for your presentation at our Leadership Retreat. I found your presentation to be both insightful and entertaining, qualities that are not often found together. Amazingly enough, afterward when I thought more of what you said, I found more ways that I could apply the ideas conveyed.”
          — Kristopher Smith, Chief Financial Officer, Alta Bates Medical Resources

“Very interesting speech. Thought provoking and concise.”
          — Don Dooley, GM, Coherent-Molectron

“It's made me reflect on the whole notion of leadership. I've changed my attitude about learning in general.”
          — Stanley Joe, Social Security Administration

“Recently I had the opportunity to hear Jerry Strom as a speaker on the topic of Leadership. His presentation was excellent. Jerry has not only done his research on the topic, he is a leader and he brought that experience to the presentation.”
          — Karen Ball, Director of Sales & Marketing, Cresleigh Homes

“Very professional and organized.”
          — Shawn Brandt, President, Bowland Printing

“The best talk about leadership I have heard.”
          — Linda Buckley, Business Owner

“This is very effective for a CEO to refocus.”
          — Ron Roalsen, President, Rubber & Plastics, Inc.

“This training really helped me understand my role as a leader and strategic planner in my organization.”
          — Margaret Tong & U.S. Dept. of Treasury

“Well done. A good challenge to all leadership.”
          — Bob Ottaway, President, Westview Products, Inc.

“It will affect the way I run the company.”
          — Rod Roth, President, R&D Plastics

“I look forward to having the opportunity to attend another expert presentation by Jerry Strom and would strongly urge others who are interested in effective leadership to do the same.”
          — Tim Carper, VP Sales, Longview Fibre Company

“Thank you again for a very thought provoking series. I have found myself ruminating on character and what it means in the workplace. I enjoyed the focus on new ways of thinking and approaching leadership.”
          — Ann Maxwell, Regional Inspector General, DHHS/Office of Inspector General

“On behalf of the entire Arlington, Virginia reservations staff, we would like to extend our appreciation for your time and assistance with all the changes happening in the company. Your genuine thoughtfulness for each employee’s role in the company ensured our confidence and brought morale to a level not achieved for more than a year.”
          — Joanna Speorl, Reservations Manager, ITI/Travelnet

“Expert. Extremely realistic and practical.”
          — Kris McCaig, Owner, Razor Graphix

“Wonderful presentation. Very captivating. You can tell it was a skilled presentation …”
          — Bill Young, GM, Merit United

“The examples you used were real and effective. In addition, you used just enough humor to make it entertaining as well … a delightful combination.”
          — Sharon Morisey, Nurse Manager Medical Endoscopy, John Muir Medical Center

“Good fundamentals for being in leadership role.”
          — Dennis Goode, Fullerton & Co.

“Jerry Strom's presentations are informative, well-organized, thought provoking, motivational and entertaining, with a refreshing emphasis on character, ethics and integrity. His leadership and management insights can be applied to business and any other aspect of life where one desires to achieve balance, growth and harmony."
          — Beth Bremer, VP/Consultant-Applications Programming, Bank of America

          — Rex Breunsbach, CEO, Electronic Controls Design

“I sensed and experienced a real maturing in the functioning and building up of this governing body ... it was in no small part because of your leadership gifts and style. You truly were a servant leader amongst many leaders."
          — Rowena Henry, Diaconal Minister, St. Matthew Lutheran Church

“The manner in which Jerry presents himself is very professional and caring ... he brings an energy level and charisma ..."
          — Ann Miller, Partner, Miller & Laws Investments/Retirement Specialists

“ … the offer rate increased 50%, thanks to your effective presentations. I should point out that we have never tried anything before that met with this kind of success.”
          — Pam Atencio, Manager/Sales Operations, Pacific Bell / SBC

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