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Confluence: Collaboration Study 2020
New Study! "What's the One Thing a Leader Should Do to Encourage Collaboration?"
(All together now … all together now.) The most productive leaders successfully enable work to flow at its highest rate. They understand the objective is creating a collaborative “we all work together” workplace, which is significantly influenced by the way they interact with others, and the way they personally think and behave. They themselves have a significant impact on if this environment develops, or is stifled, how soon and how fast, as well as determining how much work gets done, who participates, and how good the work actually is. Leaders are responsible. Our three-year study, driven though the collection of 535 written surveys, identifies the fundamental criteria needed to bring people together, merge their efforts and energy, and produce exceptional work products.  

Relationships Leadership Report
"What's the One Thing a Leader Should Do to Build Relationships at Work?"
Without relationships a leader is unlikely to reach the potential of his/her team. And yet leaders regularly fail in this fundamental effort to fully engage people and get them on their side. We wanted to know what actions are the most important in building relationships at work, so that leaders can proactively address the relational needs of their workers and their work environment. Our 3-year research project shows successful results are driven by an emphasis on interactions which lead to understanding. Trust develops, and as trust grows, higher levels of cooperation and performance are achievable.   Read about the Study:   "How Leaders Build Relationships at Work"   #RelationshipsRPT

Limiting Factors Leadership Study
"What's the One Most Important Thing You're Missing in Your Development as a Leader?"
The emergence of leaders is essential to the smooth functioning and performance of all organizations. Understanding where employees run into developmental limitations is critical to assuring the leadership pipeline is sustained. Through this study we found three primary, and a dozen significant aspects of personal development which can limit advancement. We’ve categorized them as experiential, intellectual, and attitudinal issues; which all need individual attention.   Read our Analysis of the Study:   "Overcoming Your Leadership Limitations"   #LimitingFactorsRPT

Focal Points Leadership Study
"What's the Most Important Thing a Leader should Know?"
In an earlier survey, leaders taught us they were much more confident in developing others than they were in knowing what to do for themselves. Unsure what they lack, and how to learn and adapt on the job – self-development is key issue. But why is this so difficult? Seeking a developmental focal point, we gathered the written responses from over 400 management level employees, asking specifically what a leader should know. Now, we can overwhelmingly differentiate between the value of interpersonal skills and strategic skills and provide you with a necessary focal point to your development.   Read our Analysis of the Study:   "What Every Leader Should Know"   #FocalPointsRPT

Fault Lines Leadership Research
"What's the Biggest Mistake a Leader can Make?"
Leadership is complex combination of professional and interpersonal skills which are applied to the work and the workers of an organization. This study identifies common faults which undermine a leader’s agenda; fracture their working relationships; and call their credibility into question. Avoiding these mistakes helps leaders minimize self-defeating behaviors, and work in ways that inspire commitment and accomplishment. #FaultLinesRPT
Download our White Paper: "Leaders Need An Ear Full .pdf

The High Points Leadership Survey
"What do Managers Most Want to Know about Leadership?"
The High Points Survey examines the primary questions managers have about leadership. It clarifies the issues they face, their mindsets, training gaps, and the areas in which they’re lacking in confidence, knowledge and understanding. These are essential skills to improve and enhance performance.
Download our White Paper: "What Managers Most Want to Know about Leadership" .pdf

Points of Impact Leadership Project
"What Determines a Leader's Impact?"
The 80/20 principle teaches us that just a portion of what we do makes a big a difference. When it comes to leadership, wouldn’t it be good to know what aspects of a leader’s agenda are most important? Employee motivation, the work environment, and business performance are all affected. So what are the characteristics that set effective leaders apart? This study of 451 employees clearly shows leaders will improve their impact by embracing "Five Principles that Produce Results."

Leadership Impact Study
"What do People Most Want from a Leader?"
Leaders have expectations of their employees … but isn’t the reverse also true? Workers have expectations of their bosses, as well. But what are they? The problem is that until now few leaders really understood what their workers were thinking. The results of this study dramatically helps leaders adopt simple practices which satisfy deep-seated needs, improve worker interactions, and increase employee engagement. Findings have been incorporated into the "W.O.W. Factor" training session, which is part of our ‘Think and Act Like a Leader’ developmental series.

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The results of these research studies have been compiled from data generated by thousands of respondents — senior leaders, managers, and supervisors — representing organizations across the continental U.S., and Hawaii. Participants in our research projects are ethnically diverse; and vary widely in their levels of career experience, and job occupations.

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