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Think and Act Like a Leader is a two-day leadership training experience that will play a significant role in your development as a leader. Improve your ability to think and act in ways that elevate your capacity to lead change, engage your workforce, and achieve the performance levels your organization demands. Assess your strategic strengths and your social intelligence. Break through barriers to effective thinking and decision-making. Identify behaviors which enhance your interactions. Discover new ways to make an impact as a leader. Ask a question by email. The curriculum includes:

7. Strategic Thinking
Leaders who distinguish themselves have an ability to do the right things at the right times, and make the right calls. They recognize strategic imperatives. They understand what makes their organizations unique — allowing them to leverage its strengths, talent, and competencies. They're able to map the future, and implement the processes necessary for its achievement. They're fundamentally sound in executing the plan, adaptable when needed, and unrelenting in their resolve. They understand what strategic thinking represents, and employ it to their competitive advantage.

8. Creative/Innovative Thinking
Leaders take the initiative to continually renew their organizations — by encouraging its innovative capacity. They promote dynamic renewal through their people, their products, and their organizational structures. Leaders enhance, rather than stifle, creativity. They recognize that accomplishing their strategic initiatives, goals, and mission of their organization is dramatically improved when imaginative, thought-provoking ideas are used as a catalyst to see work accomplished in new ways, with new focus, clarity, and energy.

9. Social/Emotional Intelligence
The most important aspect of being a successful leader is being adept at building relationships. In today's workplace, this demands a new kind of intelligence, social intelligence, to improve the quality of the work and the output of the team. How a leader acts determines the degree to which he/she is followed. Leaders with high levels of social intelligence perform better that those who do not. Breaking through generational mindsets of "me, me, me ... now, now, now," leaders need significant social skill, and awareness, to lead in the modern world.

10. The W.O.W. Factor
A ‘W.O.W.’ Factor is always in play when leading others — fully understanding their primary wants and needs — and being able to meet their expectations of a leader. Utilizing research findings from two separate 'Leadership Impact Studies' that we conducted with hundreds of employees, supervisors, managers, and senior leaders, this session offers an inside view of how a broad spectrum of today's workforce views leadership. What's important to them. And what leaders should do. A leader's influence is directly related to their ability to speak to people's feelings, and effectively communicate to their concerns and desires.

A D D I T I O N A L   C O U R S E   C U R R I C U L U M S
1 — 6 "Six Core Competencies of Leadership"
11 — 14 "The Leadership Environment"
16 — 19 "What Works for Supervisors"
26 — 29 "Leading for Achievement"

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