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Our 4 primary training programs incorporate a total of eighteen individual leadership developmental modules. These four courses approach leadership development from four different and significant perspectives: "prepare, plan, position, and produce." Each aspect has unique skills and mindsets ... and when combined ... embody an effective, well-rounded, symmetrical leader.

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six core competencies of leadership


1. "Six Core Competencies of Leadership:" This robust training teaches the six core skills that lay the leadership foundation. It enhances the competency and credibility of the leader, and improves career advancement. (2-Day or 3-Day Training Formats)

Curriculum Description

think and act like a leader


2. "Think and Act Like a Leader:" The four modules within this course combine thinking skills with behavioral skill sets to give leaders the confidence to think, decide, and act effectively. It develops the ability make and implement plans — by working both strategically and creatively — which leads to appropriate actions and better outcomes. (2-Day Training)

Curriculum Description

the leadership environment


3. "The Leadership Environment:" Here's where leaders learn to sharpen and shape their culture by influencing the trust, motivation, and teamwork of their organization. It improves the climate of the workplace — addressing the collaborative fabric of how people and teams interact — getting them into position to excel. (2-Day Training)

Curriculum Description

leading for achievement


4. "Leading for Achievement:" Becoming a successful leader and getting results comes from strengthening relationships, communication, and making work attractive. This focus produces buy-in to the leader, as well as to the organization's agenda and goals and leads to achievements. (2-Day Training)

Curriculum Description

"We offer you an in-depth developmental effort through our Process."

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